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Your ideal gift finder: discover great hotels and unforgettable experiences!

The Highlight: you decide on a voucher and can redeem it in ALL RIMC Hotels - depending on your mood you can either enjoy an exciting city trip, have a relaxing break in the mountains or let yourself be pampered on the beach.


Valid for 3 years.


Further information can be found at: www.voucher.rimc.eu/

Best of 2!

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Romantic Timeout

Give the most valuable gift: time![more]

3=2 Ramada Special 2022

Enjoy an extra night for free - our treat! [more]

Pleasure Cycling on the Mur Cycle Path

Enjoy a break on two wheels[more]

Picnic at sculpture park

Enjoy a meal in the green heart of Styria[more]

Friends & Beer

Our lives should be filled with good friends and shared experiences.[more]

Park & Fly Arrangement

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